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KRETHAUS is dedicated to the design and sale of hand-made furniture and accessories. Founded in 2009, this Argentine company is based in Buenos Aires with a European partner in Graz, Austria.


Arquitecta Karina Kreth | Creative Director

Under the lead of creative director Karina Kreth, KRETHAUS is recognised for its inviting and pure design line combining warmth and sophistication, without any traces of forcefulness or pretension.

Related to Kreth’s commercial work as creative director, the list of collaborators includes highly-reputable companies in the local design scene that share the spirit of the KRETHAUS brand. For example, STU and Paul Gallery, to name a few which have joined forces for special and exclusive editions.

At the same time, Kreth continues with large scale residential projects. She creates integral designs and products with custom tailored solutions for unique necessities, which constantly inspire new company products. These particular projects thus serve as a great creative laboratory for the exploration of new innovative ideas.

Her work has been featured in specialised publications such as Barzón, Living, D&D, Elle Décor, Harper´s Bazaar, and the leading newspapers in Argentina such as: Clarín Arquitectura, La Nacion, Pagina 12.

Karina currently lives in Buenos Aires with her husband and two children.

Vanesa Kreth | Commercial Director

Vanesa has an Undergraduate degree in International Relations and a Doctorate degree in Law. She is responsible for business strategy, contracts, finance and administration. Dr. Kreth joins forces with external consultants with invaluable expertise in both strategic and financial areas.

Dr. Kreth currently lives in Buenos Aires with her son.


perludi | great design for small people

Based in Graz, Austria, perludi is a personally managed company placing children and their families at the core of its work. The high-quality products enable children to experience the space they live in and to participate in its design. perludi contributes to a world of joy, appreciation and living in harmony with nature. An extraordinary, child-centred design as well as outstanding quality and security make perludi the perfect partner for KRETHAUS.

The European selection of the elegant KRETHAUS collection is now entirely produced in Europe. Under the supervision of company manager, designer, creative director Thomas Maitz the selection has been slightly adapted to meet European shipping standards whilst maintaining the high quality and safety standards of KRETHAUS.


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